Does time slows down as you get older?

I mean, let's use an example:

The year 2003 and 2008 feels a world apart to me, it was only 5 years but you might as well have inserted a hundred years between those 2 years because that's how different it feels to me. I was 17 and 22 back then.

But fast forward to the present date: 2015
Honestly, 2015 does not feel too different to me than 2010, for sure there are some changes, but overall, I cannot feel much change, all the changes are more evolutionary rather than revolutionary, 2015 just feels like an updated version of 2010, rather than a completely different world that I feel between 2003 and 2008.

I just want to know if anyone shares this view, that 2015 is indeed quite similar to 2010, and the changes is not quite as dramatic as those between 2003 and 2008?


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  • It's because for a example a year becomes a smaller fraction of your life for every year older you get. When you're little a year seems like forever because you've nothing to really compare it to, you haven't lived that long. For example when you're 10 it's a tenth of your whole life, but when you're twenty it's only a twentieth, etc. So it seems like less time from your perspective. Also from the ages of 17 to 22 a lot probably happened in your life; a lot changed for you personally. You were probably still going through puberty even, so your brain was developing really rapidly and your awareness of stuff probably changed a lot.


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  • It depends on each person's personal life. In my case, 2010 and 2015 are completely different. I was a minor in 2010 (16 years old) and I didn't have many privileges I have today as an adult. Not counting that I was on High school and today it's college... my life changed completely. It really depends on many things.

    • well yes, but you are speaking from a personally perspective.
      but what I am really trying to get across is that the world as a whole doesn't not feel too different from 2010 as it does today.

      I mean, let's use the most prevalent thing in our time as a yardstick: the smartphone and social networks
      In 2010, we were using iPhone 3G, today, we are still using the iPhone 6 Plus.
      In 2010, we were using Facebook, today, we are using Instagram.
      As they say in my country: New wine in an old bottle

      Now whereas if you compare 2003 and 2008, let's see:

      In 2003, Facebook DIDN'T EVEN EXISTED!!
      In 2008, it was everywhere!

      In 2003, I used a phone made by SonyEricsson. Have you even heard of SonyEricsson?
      In 2003, Apple was an obscure and oddball company which people were only barely aware of thanks to the original iPod.
      In 2008, the iPhone was everywhere.

    • Oh, yes, now I agree with you, things evolved but they didn't change this much.

      And yes, I've heard a lot of SonyEricsson haha.

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  • For me, time has seemed to speed up as I get older and most older people I have spoken to agree with me. I have been warned many times once I it 30 before I know it, I will be 40 and then 50... I certainly believe it. The past year especially has really flown by.

    • I guess actually what I mean is not that time slow down, but rather speed up, if 2010 feels like yesterday to me.

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    • it's funny you said that, and i am starting to get confused, because,
      my last 2 jobs, 12 months in a startup and 4 months as a part time bartender, it didn't last very long but actually felt like a lifetime to me, because in a startup and in a nightclub, the number of different things that happens and the number of different people that you meet is just incredible, and everyday feels different and no two days are exactly the same, and time seems to fly even though it isn't in fact that long a period, a month feels like a year at these places.

    • I guess it is different for different people.

  • I found it speeds up actually.


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  • Golden Rule: Time is relative and subjective.
    The speed of his fast your life is going will be different from person to person. It depends on how active your life if. People with a more active life generally tend to notice time passes by more quickly.

    • "People with a more active life generally tend to notice time passes by more quickly"

      I think you really mean is the opposite, an active life means times passes by slower.
      An active life is fast, so time is slow.

      When I was unemployed for 6 months, a month only feels like a week and pass by without noticing because nothing was changing in my life. Whereas when I got a job that was really active, a week feels like a month and I felt I experienced a lot even though in fact it was only a short period.

      People with active life

  • You experience time to a degree by comparison to all the time you have experienced. So when you are eight a summer lasts forever but when you are eighty a year flies by.

  • Nope. People who are bored just experience a slowing down of time.