Dorming in a month in a half, tips for college?

I'm so excited because I'm starting my freshmen year in September. I'm going to be 6 hours away from home. Any tips or stories?


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  • Learn to cook, clean, do dishes, and clean up after yourself. No one likes a messy roommate. Prepare for conflicts, because they're bound to happen at some point. Be alert about how you spend your time. You don't want to spend every evening with your roommates and neglect your studies. But you don't want to entirely neglect your roommates either, or it will create strains in your relationship with them. Never let anyone copy your homework or essays, it can lead to punishment for you AND the person who copied from you.


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  • so will u have other roommates?

    • Yes I know one of them already and we get along great. I may have another but I'm not sure but it's likely.

    • hum... anyway hope u won't end up wid shitty roommates at least :|

  • After your freshman year when you will learn that you hate having to share a bedroom with someone, find an apartment off campus. If you can afford it, live by yourself. This is THE BEST way to grow-up, take responsibility, yet live a drama-free life.

  • College is a waste of time and money, so don't go.
    Don't get pregnant.
    If you are going to go, fucking study.
    Study something with economic value.
    Learn about business, because that's the real fucking world.

    • Thanks dad.

    • No problem.

      But seriously... take that advice.

      And look out for each other when drinking.

    • Yeah I know.

      My sister said the rule is,
      "If you set your drink down, get another drink. And don't drink a lot unless you have a plan."

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  • Don't do laundry on the weekends. Everyone does. Pick a day through the week. Don't take on too much at once, but try to get a taste of everything. Leave your door open for the first couple weeks when you're there. It's a great way to make friends. Just pop in and say hi! Use your academic resources if you need them! Get a planner and manage your time.

    • I'll probably pick an uncommon day like Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

    • I always do Tuesdays. Not close enough to the weekend for others to have the same idea and not the mid-week laundry panic.

    • Yeah true! I was thinking that exact same thing.