Have you ever played this game?

The game is called, "Describing movies badly." The goal is to describe the plot to a movie in the worst way possible and then have your opponents guess what it is. I've picked 5. Guess the movie. And don't cheat by scrolling down to the comments if others have already answered. See how many you can get. I tried not to make it hard. Come up with some of your own but try not to do anything obscure that no one would ever know.

1. The son of a great leader is all but banished to a far off wonderous and a new life where he finds temporary happiness before he is convinced to give it all up and go home to fight his megalomaniacal uncle.

2. Despite a young man risking all to save a young woman from committing suicide, the woman later returns the favor by letting him freeze to death rather then share.

3. A group of mischieves and warriors fight and die over a piece of jewelry.

4. A loner decides to take a drug from a man he barely knows in order to discover he has the power to change the world.

5. Disabled man learns to fly in order to stop a corporation from destroying the local indigenous way of life.

None of these are obscure movies. These are internationally well known movies


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  • 3 Lord of the Rings


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  • 1. The Lion King
    2. Titanic
    3. Lord of the Rings
    4. The Matrix
    5. The Aviator, or Ironman, or

    • 5 might be Gattaca. I don't think any of those answers are good, but I can't seem to figure it out.

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    • I figured out 1 from searching uncles in movies. I admit The Lion King was no where near my brain was thinking. 2, I cheated and saw others had it already, sorry lol. 3, at first I was going with Blood Diamond, but then I saw others say Lord of the Rings and I knew that was right. 4, first I thought Limitless. I saw you said someone else had that wrong. I started thinking about the others again, then all of a sudden, The Matrix popped into my head.

      I cannot figure out 5 though lol. Is there a tiny clue you can give me? Maybe a year, or actor, or something else plot wise?

    • First you cheat, and now you want hints. No way.

    2. Gravity?
    3. Daily life?
    4. A Million Ways to Die in the West?
    5. Lost?

  • 1.) THOR
    2.) TITANIC
    5.) ROBOCOP

    • you only have one correct

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    • yes, 1 out of 5

    • Damn...😐😳

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  • I have no idea but I am not an avid movie buff.

    Lets see if you can guess these ones

    An underqualified professor risks losing her job for telling woman to stop depending on their husbands and then leaves the university after she becomes popular with the students

    A bunch of rebellious teenagers get sexually molested in prison and then one of the guys becomes a lawyer and goes to defend his perpetrator in court.

    A girl cheats on her abusive fiance with a random stranger and has sex with him and then abandons him when he is drowning

    A guy films his next big singing gig and dies before it is complete

    A guy believes he murdered his father when he discovers in the end it was his uncle who did it

    • 1. Mona Lisa Smile
      2. Sleeping or Sleepers, something like that with Sleep in the title
      3. Titanic, again
      4. I would say Frank, but I think he's only hit by a car and lives in the end
      5. Hamlet

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    • She's probably just not that familiar with Hamlet. If it's explained that Hamlet has the same plot, she would know to use something other than guy to represent personified animals.

      So, in a sense, both Hamlet and The Lion King were correct. She would need to specify something else to get only one answer.

      Your clue for The Lion King used son, which is a reference to a male human offspring. Are male lion offspring called sons? I understand the movie probably used the word son, so it could be used as a clue. It's still a personified description though.

      I agree she shouldn't have used guy, because it's misleading and doesn't represent one movie. I'm sure she would agree the answer is also Hamlet, given how she worded the clue.

  • 1 Lion King
    2 Titanic
    3 Lord of the Ring
    4 Limitless
    5 Avatar

    • All but number 4 are correct.

      I think in Limitless, the man is given the drug NZT by his brother in law (which one would assume he knows very well), and he uses his new found power I believe for his own personal financial gains.

    • I don't remember that story all too well, I thought it was a stranger.
      I guess the other pill swallower is from The Matrix.

    • Yes, that and, someone already guessed it :o) Thanks for playing!

  • I never have.

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