They say that everyone has a price. how much would it take for you do one of these things?

1. Let someone throw hot peanut oil on you

2. eat dog feces for 3 months straight

3. Get beat with 5 people with billy clubs for 30 minutes

4. Smoke oxycotin pills and pcp for 14 months straight

5. Fight Mayweather and Anderson Silva for 20 rounds bareknuckled

6. Punch (with maxium force) a tractor 30 times bare knuckled once every 3 months for a year.

number 2 you would agree to do everyday.


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  • How hot is the peanut oil pimp? How much of it are they throwing? Can I choose where they're throwing it in my body?

    • Nope. Its 300 degrees

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    • 2 ounces. 100 degrees. Splashed on muppets back or stomach lol

    • I would do that for enough money to also take car of my skin grafts lol

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  • There is no amount of money that you could pay me to do any of those things because I value the quality of my life over material gain. None of those would do anything to enhance the quality of my life.

  • I don't have a price when it comes to any of that.

  • I wouldn't do any of that for any amount of money. I'd rather be dirt poor.

  • I will do any of it for $10 billion. The money should be sent to my family, as I am gonna be dead after such hard tasks anyway :P


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  • I am lucky I don't need money at the moment so no price high enough for me.

    • Which one would you do if you needed the money and what price?

    • None of them - I would find some other way

    • Why not? What's so wrong with them?

  • All these cause death or permanent damage except fighting Anderson Silva or mayweather.

    I fight silva or mayweather. I have mma training and might be able to beat up mayweather if I train for a few months.

    These are jsut stupid things... eating feces can kill u on ur first try from the toxins in it.