Woudl you say im single by choice?

sometimes im a bit unsure if im single by choice or not so i guess i need a second opinion.

So from the age 18 to 20 i "dated" this stoner dude (i had REALLY low selfeestem and he was the first guy that activly showed interest in me, i didn't even find him attractive) for 2 months before he dump me.. I have been on 3 dates as i can remeber with guys that actually asked me out.. i think honestly its more, but i can't remeber right now.. I was "seeing" a guy for three months (we talked daily online, met three times total, kissed once). The last dating i did was 2 weeks a go when i went on two dates with a guy, for some reason i didn't find him as attractive as i did on the first date and we haven't talked since i said no to kissing him (i kissed him on the first date).

i think i have been "rejected" once were it really bothered me, i dont think i have been seriously rejected.. maybe guys were uninterssted and i catch on it when i was trying to flirt, but i dont think i guy has said "i dont want to date you" kinda thing. I dont go out much, but when i did i met guys, but they only wanted one thing...

I have guys showing interest, but necessarly guys i found attractive.. i have been on several dating apps.. it landend me one date.. i want to date, but it seems very hard... am i single my choice or not by choice? i can't decide

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by the way i get a lot of attention and i know guy have found me attractive.. to be honest if i wasn't so shy and insecure, in the past, i think i would have had at least one boyfriend


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  • i'd say not by choice actually... if u wanted to be single i guess u'd not go to any dates right?

    i'd say u r kinda picky probably... which isn't a bad thing... u just wanna find da right guy first


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  • You don't need to type all that. Just answer one question for me.

    Do you want to be single?

    • no, not really

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    • by the way please read what i wrote before you answer.. i dont think its as black and white as the poll basically

    • I already read it. You had plenty of opportunities to have a relationship but not with someone you genuinely wanted or found attractive. It's your choice not to be in a relationship with them, but it's not exactly your choice that the guys you would like don't like you.

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