One year anniversary coming up, what to do for him?

My boyfriend and I are celebrating our 1 year anniversary next month, and I want to do something special for him. Anniversaries and holidays are a big deal to us. And Valentine's day with him was better than Christmas for me. I want him to feel just as special and loved as he made me feel.
-new gauges
-home cooked meal
- cd with meaningful songs

What are some special things that will melt his heart and make him remember our anniversary forever?

  • Romantic Dinner
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  • Your own art
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  • Trip to a meaningful place
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  • Tell him all the reasons you are happy to be with him
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  • SEX!!!
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  • other/see results
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I realise that recreating moments is cheesy and perhaps overplayed but I think they're still always meaningful... Perhaps recreating how you met, or the first date, or when you made it official. All things along these lines I think are good ideas. As long there is some thought, it can't go wrong. Good luck!


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  • Dinner is nice.


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What Guys Said 4

  • I would say Make dinner (mainly a light one think sweet potatoes and maybe some rosemary chicken) go to a romantic meaningful location (have sex if need be) then go back home make love... then again... then again... then again until you fall asleep. Maybe get him a nice watch or something, bitches love watches:P


    • On vday I made chicken piccata, huge hit. And rosemary chicken sounds delicious. By the way, I read the last sentence first, paused, then read the whole thing. Clever feisty gentleman!
      And trust me

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    • :) that would be so special.
      You should be a romantic planner.

    • Lol my vision of romantic is far from that, but that sounds romantic enough

  • Hi. Long time no hear, if you remember who I was.

    I realize this might be too late, but for one, you could ask him what he wants.

    Or number two, get him something or do something that you know he likes, and if he doesn't like it that's too bad, because if he really cared he wouldn't think anything you did or gave was bad.

    Good luck.

    • Hey :)

      Long time indeed. I definitely remember you. It's never to late if there are more anniversaries :)

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    • No. I definitely remember you, you're kind and wise and a seemingly great person.

    • Aww, thanks:)

  • A, D, and E in that order

  • Threesome!!! (Not the Devil's threesome.)


What Girls Said 4

  • I like the CD's with meaningful songs idea - especially if you write them yourself. With one month - you have enough time to write your own cd.

  • I think a trip to a meaningful place, it doesn't have to be fancy but its good to do something fun for the day.

    • Yeah, I think his plan for me is a fun place. But I really want to do this on a budget. What are some fun things that are cheap?

    • Movies, museum... take a hike or something sporty.

  • A trip to a nice place sounds cool.

  • Do whatever you wanna do. Do what you think is special and don't ask people on he Internet.<3

    But since you're asking. A romantic dinner sounds great for the both of you.