I honestly don't have a particular thing that I enjoy doing... Suggestions?

Ok I know it's not important to have a talent but I am expanding my horizons and I want to find more things that I enjoy doing so if you have any suggestions tell me I'll check it out


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  • - Hiking
    - Writing
    - Reading
    - Painting
    - Running
    - Bike riding
    - Baking or cooking
    - Blogging
    - Learning a new language (a free app called Duolingo is awesome for this)

    • Aight I'll look into some of these duokingo sounds interesting hopefully it goes better than last time I was learning a language

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  • Have you tried enough things?

  • I like to listen to music from all over the world, in different languages, once i find a song i like, i write down the English translation and then re-write the song so that it makes sense in English. It's fun but challenging, i also like that it helps my vocabulary to expand as I'm using the thesaurus quite often as well as the dictionary.

  • Keep looking until you find it.

    • Yeah any suggestions on what I should look into?

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