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I'm starting to get into this band called XTC (not the drug, lol) a not very well known English new wave band, from the 70's-90's and this is one of my favorite songs by them currently.
It's basically about someone who isn't necessarily seen as the optimal choice for a partner, but he knows he could give you all his love... and I figured some people on GaG could appreciate the song, or even relate :) Not to mention it's really catchy!


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  • It's a bit strange.


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  • nice to know someone else knows these guys although they r not so unknown... they had 2 big hits back then, particularly "Making Plans For Nigel" and "Senses Working Overtime"

    personally i prefered their early late 70s-early 80s albums when they were power-pop/new-wave... my fav album by them's "Drums & Wires"

    • I was just about to tag you since he mentioned "songs" and "70's-90s" and "new-wave" in the same sentence but I guess you found it xD

    • @dangerdoge no i didn't find it on my own... actually @kda20 tagged me LOL

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  • Very catchy tune - @klaatu51 will appreciate this, someone share his taste for music from that era

    • tbh i prefer early XTC albums from late 70s-early 80s when they were more power-pop/new-wave