Can somebody tell me a story please?

Okay, so, I'm tired and bored and was wondering if anybody could type random funny stuff and send funny stuff ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š orrrrrrw type a story of some sort... Funny, sad, scary.. I don't care... just something please. Most entertaining gets MHO


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  • Rg unicorn adventure.

    HI! Im unicorn a retarded goat!!!โ˜†โ˜†โ˜†โ˜†
    come with me on an adventure through the pube jungle!

    Episode 1.
    Rg. unicorn-hey everyone.. today im going on an adventure... guess where
    Audience-up ur ass.
    Rg. unicorn-no to pubelandia.. where ill find the mystery key to unlock the mystery home to find the mystery bo-(cut off)
    Ghettogirlindaback-bitch shut the fuck up.
    Rg. unicorn-um ok... lets get going!
    (Scene 2-the wavy grassland)
    Rg. unicorn-hi gilbert!
    Rg. unicorn-what you doing here?
    Gilbert-just wondering what the hell i can do.
    Rg. unicorn-. . . (whispers) you can't curse on my show... its not allowed.. i can lose my job.
    Gilbert-job my ass! I can't even get a job to whipe my shit!
    Rg. unicorn-omg (quiet)
    ... pipe it the fuck down... you asshole.
    Ghettogirlindaback-why fuck y'all motherfuckas whispering... get the fuck on wit dis shit... im getting huoooongreey.
    Rg. unicorn-ok whatever and fuck you gilbert.
    (Scene 3-the bridge)
    Rg. unicorn-ok so guys how do we cross the bri-
    Troll- na uh no boo boo... im gonna have to get my dick wet for you to cross this bridge... mhmm.
    Rg. unicorn-what. . . What are you talking about.
    Troll-suck my dick... or yo ass gonna swim!
    Rg. unicorn-fuck you... fuck this shit... fuck this show. Im done.. bitch im done.

    • What happened after the show-

      Ghettogirlindaback- after the show ended... she fot really really really hungry and ate rg unicorn, gilbert, the audience and the troll.

      Oh well then โ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก

  • It was more than ten years ago,

    I went with a girl to pick up some rocks she told me about. She mentioned that if you bury the rocks, they multiplies a week later.

    So we decided to go and get some.

    While walking, two cows started coming towards us.

    I was wearing blue or red.

    They started running and chasing us with speed.

    I jumped to the side of the street , into some pond or forest like thing..

    • Did you get the rocks?

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    • How you get rid of the cows and big were the rocks?

    • There was a bush, my friend decided to circle around it. So, the cows kept running straight down the street, while she was walking around the bush.

      And they were medium to small @Stefan1738