When I sleep, my boyfriend gets annoyed?

So whenever I go to sleep, I wake up in the morning with my leg over my boyfriends leg or body or that I'm cuddling him or something without realising and he says he doesn't mind the cuddling when we first go to bed, but after sleeping he wants to be left alone and that he hates when he wakes up and finds my leg is over his leg or something.

i don't realise I do it, I just wake up and notice it and he said that if this continues then he'll sleep in another room.

is he overacting or is this normal? Do guys hate that?


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  • He's not COMPLETELY over reacting. I'm not so sold on his idea of sleeping in a different room, but I have to say I did date a girl that is kind of like you for a while and boy it got super frustrating I'm assuming that if your boyfriend is anything like me, he's a light sleeper. So all those extra movements really make it difficult for him to get rest and feel fresh in the morning. And, I swear, I remember one time while I was dating this chick (thats kind of like you) me and my good friends deiced to go hiking. We were only suppose to be gone two days (one night) but I convinced them into staying three days (three nights) because I got SO MUCH MORE SLEEP on a sleeping bad, in a tent, on the floor, in the woods. Not saying he (or I for that matter) doesn't care for you. It's just so hard when the other person is waking you up

    • He is actually a very heavy sleeper, if someone came into our house and started shooting, he'd sleep through the sound. But understandable. The thing is I've tried talking to him and he just won't budge, he says stop or I'll sleep in a different room. The thing is if it was easy to stop I would, I don't even notice I do it. Don't even know how to stop it from happening to begin with

    • i remember i joking made a "pillow wall of china" once and it ended up with us sleeping with a body pillow between us. that might actually help your situation more than mine because the abrupt movement of the body pillow would sometimes wake me up but it could help keeping you from being all over him

    • Hmm might try that, thanks

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  • No, do you have cold feet haha?
    I mean, if I thought that guys thought it was super cute and love that kinda stuff. Cuddling even releases special toxins or something, i'm not kidding!
    Maybe, in some point of views it may get a little annoying when it happens over and over and over again. But honestly, i've heard from lots of guys that its cute to them?

    • Hmm, I don't know what to do though

    • You should tell him that its something you naturally do! i do it too, obviously I don't have anyone else in my bed other than a friend on a sleepover or maybe a cousin who's staying for a week, but I naturally go into that position when I sleep, and I usually grab a pillow to hug, its very comforting. So ya, tell him that its something your body does on its own, many women do it and that you don't understand why he's so upset over it.

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  • He seems a bit grumpy about it. Does it get uncomfortable for him maybe?

    • He seems to be grumpy about the whole situation, he says it's not much about comfort, more that when he wakes up he hates having me in that position. I don't know what to do

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    • 4 years and he has just recently brought this up

    • Oh ok probably not what I was thinking then.

  • lol at being needy even in your sleep


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  • he's different.. Id say overeacting.. Maybe just a little