Why is muscle good for you but not fat?


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  • There are two types of fat

    -Saturated fats
    Saturated fats is the most detrimental fat to the body.
    It is solid at room temperature.
    Too many saturated fats can cause you to get a high cholesterol.
    Since that is the case you must be careful in how much you consume.
    (Anything in moderation is okay and will not cause significant harm to the body).

    -Unsaturated fats
    It is liquid at room temperature.
    Unsaturated fats won't stick on the walls of your arteries like saturated fats will. Consuming unsaturated fats instead of saturated ones will also lower cholesterol level.

    So fats in general for you, isn't a bad thing.


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  • Excess fat:
    1. Is 'dead' weight, making everything you do more taxing on your cardiovascular system. It can be stressful
    2. Carries health risks regardless of diet
    3. Doesn't look good (generally speaking)
    4. Lowers testosterone and heightens estrogen in males. (Not sure what it does to the hormones of females)
    5. Compresses your organs (when obese)

    1. Are functional weight, more muscle means weight gain but it serves a purpose
    2. Help your body move, everything becomes easier when you have well-trained muscles. Having some strength makes your daily life easier in numerous ways
    3. Look aesthetically pleasing
    4. Often go hand-in-hand with a more healthy cardiovascular system, meaning less stress and a lower resting heart rate
    5. Improves chronic conditions such as lower back pain (when the core and back muscles are trained)
    6. Boosts your metabolism, albeit not by a lot


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  • Because it looks better.

  • Well, I don't think that muscle is good, but I guess I don't like fat because it can have a lot if impact on health. But as long as someone is living a good, healthy lifestyle but are just carrying too much weight, who cares?

    • Well, doctors care. What people often underestimate is that excess weight carries health risks regardless of how healthy your diet is. But obviously eating healthy yet too much will be a lot better for your body than eating unhealthy.

    • As I said, a good, healthy lifestyle - that doesn't just mean diet, nor did I mention anything about diet :P If someone is active and eats healthy food but has a hard time keeping slim for whatever reason without any medical conditions like an under active thyroid, then that kinda thing just happens. It's a person's individual make up, not something they can control. Doctors aren't generally too bothered as long as you're keeping fit and healthy.

    • "It's a person's individual make up, not something they can control" Some people just have to try harder than others to keep the weight off. It's nearly always something you can control, even with a medical condition. However, it may not be pleasant, giving you the feeling that you have to be way too hard on yourself in terms of diet and exercise. In that case I'd say it's fine to be a bit overweight. Life to me is more about having fun and meaningful experiences/interactions rather than being in absolute perfect health. That said, I still wanna lose that weight. I don't mind going through life a bit chubby, but now I am obese and that's a no-no.

  • A little fat is good, it insulates the body, but too much puts pressure on your organs and can lead to many complications... muscle is healthy, and means a person is strong

  • Fat is good for your body, but you need a healthy balance of it.

  • Because muscles say he's fit, hot, strong, active. Where fat says lazy and unhealthy.


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  • Do you mean attractiveness-wise or in the health sense?

    Both serve a function, and I doubt that excessive muscle is that healthy (or attractive) tbh. Just like with fat.

  • Fat leads to obesity and other problems like cholesterol and overweight (more than your body can handle). Muscle gives structure and strength. Fat is a liability. Muscle is an asset.

  • Increased agility and strength which equals force... It's dangerous. Bitches love that shit

  • Fat is good for you, it's your body storing energy, too much on the other hand can cause problems.

    • Too much muscle dosent do anything why

    • Well if you've got A LOT of muscle mass then you're going to be eating an unreal amount of calories per day. You'd also have to eat a huge amount of protein so your body doesn't decay your muscles.
      Most women would find you repulsive as well, just like if you're too fat.

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