Are Somali people related to Indians?


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  • some genetically claim they are mixed with Arabs and possible small various population of Asia

    However, many Somalis I've met get offended by that notion and still classify themselves as African regards of others saying they're Europid.

    My Somali friend calls himself black. He associates himself with other people of African descent

    Although some Somalis and other East Africans do define them self as Arab mixed, and think very highly of themselves being classified as a Europid.

    Majority just prefer to be classified as African/Somali, African/Eritrean
    Whether they say they're black African or Europid really varies
    "It's probably just best to know them 1st before ruling judgement on how they classify themselves"

    but most of the ones I met don't claim Europid and tell me stories about people mistaken them from India, Pakistain and other places.
    They're surprised when I know where they're from


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  • All humans are related to each other in some way or another.


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  • It's just a myth, Somalis are pure Africans but they are beautiful compared to other Africans i think that is why people think they are originally from another continent.

    • Well somalis look different and everybody now that but all people are beautiful right?

  • There was once a wealthy minority-indian upper class and a black lower class, kinda like how many places in Africa had a minority-white upper class and black lower class. When Somalia fell into chaos, many Indians left or were forced to leave.

  • one in Africa the other in asia

    • Thank you but can you check out the link

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    • its because the way they look like they are different looking from the rest of Africans

    • Yas you are right