Is this Hypo mania?

While on adderal has anyone ever felt like they were on top of the world and the dip down to extremely fearful for no reason and then have they're mood jump right back up. I was diagnosed with a mood disorder sometimes I can get really delusional but I can snap out of it or it will wear off I have felt like the elated feeling like I talked about above without addreal and stopped taking it (Drs orders) then I went through a HUGE Depression but I started recently taking it again and I feel elated on it. Except for today I took this mourning and I'm just chill but not stable I don't really have a lot of energy was able to get some stuff done. I don't know if I'm hypo manic or not? Sometimes when I'm feel high I feel so low too like my body is dead but my mind is all over the place.


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  • i think it is.