This girl broke my heart and I don't know what to do now, can someone help me out?

I liked this girl for just about over a year and i had the courage to ask her out. I'am very shy so it took a lot out of me to do it. I really liked this girl but she politly said no :(

My heart is broken and I don't know if i can find a girl like her :( what can i do to get over this?


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  • Rejection is a part of life.

    When you realize that... your disappointment from being rejected will be short-lived.

    Through anything in life, there is rejection (whether that applies to dating, a job, interacting with others etc.).
    You have to learn not to take things personal.
    There are various reasons she could have said, "No".

    You must understand that a girl replying "no" doesn't always mean you are not her type.
    It could mean:
    A) She isn't ready for a relationship (ex. she just got out of one and needs time to find herself.
    B) No time (too busy of a schedule to fit a boyfriend in).
    C) She already has a significant other

    When you learn not to take things so personal... you will quickly move on from the disappointment.

    I applaud you for being courageous enough to approach her.
    Keep that tactic up.
    You won't always be rejected.


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  • bruv move on, im sure there are a lot of other gurls who loves you, wish you the best fam


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  • Just move on go for a walk, listen to music, go see a movie or watch a movie at home, watch tv and just be happy that she rejected you in a polite because that could of gone in a different way and could've gone worse. Maybe you could ask her if you can still be friends, I know it might be friends with someone that rejected you but at least y'all can still be friends though. Just be happy, you'll find someone else, there's a lot more girls out there <3

  • Use this time to work on your self confidence and being happy... Plenty more fish in the sea


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  • Go fuck another girl, its called rebound sex for a reason man.

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