Do you believe someone who is cold hearted, once cared so much and got hurt repeatedly and now has turned cold to protect themselves?

i think this saying is true, i beleieve I've turned out pretty cold hearted

think im going this way too, think there is only so much a person can take before they snap, also in my situation too i believe the saying nice guys finish last is bang on!!!


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  • I believe it, you don't want to get hurt again

    • but part of me thinks its wrong pf me for behaving like this too

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  • yes, it can.

    • i think its a real shame though, tbh i can really see myself turning this way too

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    • fighting's just in my blood. but, i can tell to avoid it, you see something you want, go for it right then there. my biggest mistake was letting that was perfect girl go just because i was too timid to try and make her mine. that was 10 years ago. found her after searching for 4 years, screwed up and still trying to gain her forgiveness.

    • and i try and apply what learned from the bible and from the watchtower magazines.

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  • When my three year long relationship that I gave up everything for ended I was cold and dead inside for a while. Some time later I met someone fell in love and have never been happier. Just remember that it can only hurt so bad for so long. Risk = reward.