Should I go to the eye doctors again?

I got a perscription and got glasses back in April or march, well 3-4 weeks later my glasses broke... I ordered them online so Im ordering again, but inbetween that I am a computer student so I had a final and summer class that involved looking at a computer for 6 hours a day for at least 4 times a week.

I dont know if I could still use my glasses, even if my perscription has changed it wouldn't change to the point where it messes up my vision wearing the glasses, right?



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  • It's doubtful at your age that your corrective prescription requirements would have changed much, if at all. From everyone I've known who wears corrective glasses full time, they know when their vision has changed and need to see their optometrist again. But if in doubt, at least call your doctor's office.


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