Got her number via a public comment on Instagram, but not directed at me?

She posted her number on one of her pics but she was directing it at someone else, not me. I put it in my phone but I'm wondering if I should try her. Right now at this very moment in time she's about an hour and a half or so away from me, on a mini vacation in ny. We live in Ohio, so she'll be coming back soon. I want to try her but I realize it's not only 3 am buttttt that it might seem creepy to do it if she was directing her number at me. HOWEVER it's not like she doesn't know me, in fact, she's the one hat wante to meet me in person, she just sort of forgot to give me her number. I didn't want to ask for it


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  • That would be creepy. If she REALLY wanted to meet up with you she'd make it happen. I recommend you delete that number so you don't get any more ideas.

    • She really does want to meet me though, she is a bartender, and wants me to come to her bar

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    • "but not directed at me"

    • I'm not saying she doesn't like you, but the most logical thing would be to wait until you see her at the bar. I'm not trying to undermine your efforts, I just don't want to see you muck it up.

  • This would be creapy no matter what you need to get number not from some stupid social media.


    • You gotta imagine she put it out here for others, otherwise she wouldn't have posted it, I even said "probably not a good idea to post your number, public ally like that, eh?" She hasn't responded to that

    • I wouldn't even date her. As far as I see just a attention digger.

    • How?

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