Cats & dogs: how do you feel about them?

I'm trying to compare views of cats & dogs to those of rats, snakes & tarantulas. I own rats & captive-bred tarantulas because so many more people hate them than other common pets (I *want* to adopt a snake for the same reason, but I'd be paranoid of misusing the heating equipment and starting a fire).

However, I'm not wholly sure if cats fall under that same category, for "I hate cats" is something I commonly hear; and I figured I'd just ask about dogs too. I love all of them, but how do you feel about cats & dogs? Animals are my main interest (if you're wondering what's with me), and I'll do another one for the other three animals I mentioned.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Dogs over cats for me, given their attachment and loyalty.

    It is amazing you own a tarantula (or even several) but can you "play" with them kind of? Or is it not easy to do? :D what do you feed them? Is it a lot of work to care for them as well?

    I never had a rat before but I used to have mice. Seems cool.

    • I own several t's. You can only handle one, but if you want to do that, get one of a docile non-burrowing species; even then, it may or may not be skittish; also even then, they don't *care* for being handled. If I handle one, I do it only for 9 minutes (I chose that for the single digit) once a month.

      You should never feed one wild prey, for they may carry things that would be unhealthy for it. I feed mine two bait shop crickets a week each, and I want to breed B. dubia roaches (more nutritious), but my parents are worried they'd escape and reproduce.

      Tarantulas are easy to own. I use Sterilite containers as enclosures and drill ventilation holes with the heated end of a screwdriver. Tarantulas like to feel secure, so 3x the legspan of a specimen in length (or height, for a climbing species) and 2x in width is a good minimum: my Honduran curlyhair was never out of her hide (which every tarantula needs) until I put her in a smaller enclosure, and my pumpkin patch never comes out.

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    • I gave you the mho rating, because I have a special appreciation for girls who are as interested in rats, snakes (?) & tarantulas as I am.

    • Hello again. c:

      I had figured you were referring to temperature, even though indeed 60 seems quite hot, I trust your experience. I am just very impressed cause I felt like I have learnt a bunch on the topic.

      I did not know about jungle carpet pythons, but what I can say is that they look stunning. (I do like snakes as well I have already touched one once, in a reptile zoo, the little guy was very soft-skinned :>) I am sure that you can find some help and tips on how to care for them on the internet (not sure how sufficient it would be actually) but I understand your hesitation since you must want to be well prepared before anything.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I like cats, I really do.

    I compare my own behavior to
    that of cats sometimes.

    But even though I say that, I have
    a cute little dog, and no cat. ^.^

    Felines and birds has always
    been animal favorites of mine.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Love them both and just about every other animal too, even the ones some people find creepy like snakes and rats <3

  • Dogs scare me.. and cats scare me even more. But they are cute 😺🐶

    • How do you feel about snakes and tarantulas? Do you happen to be scared of rats?

    • Actually I am scared of every animal.. including snakes and rats.

What Guys Said 1

  • My family has a cat, but I wouldn't say I love him. I do love my chickens though :)
    I like the idea of having a big dog, but things about them put me off.
    I hate small dogs with a passion.
    So really, I wouldn't say I'm a dog person or a cat person. I'm more of a bird person.

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