What do you think of this Action/Comedy claymation?

This was actually a group project in high school 8 years ago (when I was 16) and I just randomly decided to revamp it with my older and more developed editing skills. The first one was deadlined so a lot of things got rushed and the acting was much to be desired. This time around however, I was the only actor... yes even the girl xD. Also I'm American so sorry in advance if the accents are dismal.

And here is the original

First one is the current version (still in progress) and the second one was the original one I made 8 years ago. Same animation just updated editing and dialogue.


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  • Oh my... I hope you've improved >.> it wasn't too bad, but it wasn't good. Obviously amateurish, etc. Are you in school for animation?

    • Did you watch them both? Because the first one was is current, the second one was high school. And no currently I am not but I make youtube videos a lot so my editing skills have improved. Also was it really that bad? like I won first place countywide and got a scholarship from this thing. I don't think it was that bad for a high school project...

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    • Well obviously this isn't Disney or Pixar, this is Girlsaskguys. I appreciate your honesty and critique but I feel like you're being overly harsh. No I don't have any newer vids because I haven't been in any animation classes since high school. I'm no novice to art and I did what I could with the time and resources that I had and I got a $2000 scholarship for that "embarrassing countywide contest" by the way. It was also a group project with 2 people who weren't as experienced as I was with art or animation.

    • Trust me if I made something like this today I'd be unimpressed with myself but this was literally my first ever animation and made in a high school classroom... you're critiquing it as if it's something I made in college with years of experience.

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  • i think its cool you get me fam?