Which girl is more impressive to be friends with to 16 year old boys?

A) average looking girl but has a fun personality
B) hot girl with boring and awkward personality

which girl would a 16 y/o boy rather be friends with so he can try to impress his friends with?

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  • If your goal is to "impress your friends" then dating the hot, popular girl at school is the way to do it. However, if you want a good relationship that actually will mean something and you could care less about "impressing people", then A). However, I wonder what "fun personality" means, exactly. I know woman that I've heard described as having a "fun personality" that I don't find their personalities enjoyable at all and then girls that people have described as "boring and awkward" that I found really interesting and endearing. So it really depends on what you would find "boring and awkward" and what you'd find "fun" for me to be able to pick one or the other.

    • No it's not date. It's friends obviously girl B for dating...

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    • Oh, well, to be friends with, then probably just B). But, again, it depends on what you mean by "boring and awkward" and "fun."

    • Lol, forget it, then. You're obviously not interested in someone else's opinion, nor grateful enough that someone would offer to give it to you.

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  • The hot one will impress them on the most shallow levels possible, the whole fist-pumping "way to go dude, nailing her" way.

    The fun one will be much more fondly regarded in the long term.

    • What do you mean fist pumping way to go nailing her way?

    • They'll be impressed that their bro is fucking a hot chick.

  • Alway girl "A" !! Fun personality more important than anything else!!

  • having a female friend does not impress friends?

    • Are you asking me a question I'm confused.

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    • No. If you don't understand my simple question then just Never mind.

    • It is simple sure, but I don't understand the reasoning behind it... I have never heard of that before in my life, so I am asking if that is a thing?

  • I didn't get why you would want to impress 16 year old guys, you are older than them :)

    • Because I'm 16? How do you even know my age

    • It says you are between 18-24. Lol
      sorry then :) good luck

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