Asking my teacher to come eat at my training restaurant?

I want to ask my old high school teacher to come and eat dinner at my training restaurant (the place where I'm studying to be a chef) with his wife. It's quite short notice as they have to come tonight, tomorrow or the day after that. It's our last week in the kitchen and I think it'd be cool to have my favourite teacher come in and myself and my class mates can cook him and his wife a meal. He accepted my request on Facebook, and I just want to know how to phrase everything so it doesn't sound totally weird..


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  • Just say the same thing you said in my post " You are my fav teacher would be really honoured if you could come to a meal at my training restaurant."


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  • Just ask him.

    It's so cute !

    Say, "hey my favorite teacher ! How's everything?"

    Then spill the beans.

    My mom's a teacher and they appreciate the nice gestures.
    So few people take wonderful teachers for granted. Even if he is unable to make it , he will remember you asking forever.

    Teachers have so much impact on students.

    • Should I wait for break at school? I remember his phone going off in class a lot.

    • I meant many people take wonderful teachers for granted**

      Also, yes I think to be polite you should wait until break at school.

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  • You say something like, "Hey, I'm studying to become a chef and I would like to thank you for being my favorite teacher by having you come in to my training restaurant and I can cook for you and your wife."


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