What to do when you're undervalued at work?

So, I've worked for a company for a year and seven months now. I've worked harder than the majority of the others and I've been told so by my fellow employees, and I won awards voted by my peers. It's a high volume retail store, and everyone wants to become a leader. Well, a couple months ago I applied for a full-time position. I'm currently part-time under. I got in an argument with one of the managers, and since then they've done everything they could to character assassinate me. I've been moved between several departments and I have done everything I can to stay strong. My resolve is weakening.

I did not get the position, and they didn't even give me part-time over. They call me in when it is convenient for them, and they don't take any of my suggestions seriously. I have taken time outside of work to come up with solutions to work related problems. I run around the store (literally) to improve the speed and efficiency of my work. Note: Running in the store was well received by management initially so I continued on with it. I have given my heart and soul to this company but they continue to put me down.

I'm very friendly with my peers. I'm very open to suggestions and criticisms. But a couple of days ago I was really hurt by my company. I was called in for my career evaluation with the company and my manager told me that of the categories: Highly successful, successful, and unsuccessful, I was only successful. Last year when I first started that was my rating. So I busted my ass to get to highly successful. It's very important to me to give the best work possible.

When I asked him to explain, he said my work was average, and I only had a good personality within 5-feet of distance. This has been bothering me because it's not true. I communicate with my peers and customers at a great level, but I don't socialize at work about anything unrelated to work. They don't want us to anyway. How the hell am I supposed to take that? What should I do?

I'm very grateful for all the responses. I wish I could choose all of you as MHO.


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  • Eh, Don't let it get to ya matey.

    For example, Where i work (Carpentry Firm), I make like fucking £3 per hour (Which is like what, just under half of minimum wage?) and i get yelled at for not working as hard as guys doing the exact same work on £15 per hour. Its a fucking joke. Like, Wtf do they expect? That shits demoralizing.

    I don't know dude, Just fuck them, Clearly your a good person and a hard working, They just dont see it, If i were you id probably try to find a better place to work, Fuck asshole bosses like that.

    • D: Whoa, halfway beneath minimum wage? That's awful. How are they getting away with that? Different laws?

      Thank you, it's just hard to let go of something I've worked so hard for. But I mean, I don't think I could continue on anyway. That pretty much unmotivated me entirely. After my evaluation I was very sluggish at work. Should I say something to my manager? Challenge it? I was so shocked when he gave me that excuse I couldn't say anything. Should I defend myself?

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    • Thank you for the MHO princess, Means a lot ;), And, I hope everything works out for you! ;)

    • You're very welcome! Thanks, and I hope so for you as well. :)

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  • weknowmemes.com/.../...-fuck-you-fuck-everyone.jpg

    I would look for another job and while I am at it I would just move at the speed that the rest of my co-workers do. Be just as average as they think you are.

    • LOL. That picture is so accurate for this situation. You don't think that would be spiteful of me? I mean, at least for the sake of my team and my customers, I'll work well. But I definitely won't be putting in any extra effort as I look for a new job.

    • Your sweet. They are gonna be sorry to lose you and hopefully they replace with you with someone like me (I'm that spiteful) so they can realize what kind of worker they lost.

    • :) Thank you. I have no doubt they'll realize the mistake shortly.

  • Apply for another company and go that route.

    • Thanks for the advice. I really should at this point before I invest anymore time and effort.

  • I say relocate to another location that offers the same job or i would look for the same line of work and apply for a managers position... by law they need to give all your work history but do type up a resume and all the stuff you did with at that job... you're putting your heart deep into the job and you're a kind young lady who could do much better at a better job that values you as a employee and not a outcast ,

    • Thank you so much for that post. This is a very upsetting thing for me. You're absolutely right. I mean, I'm not overreacting am I? I just don't understand what I could have possibly done more... and those excuses were so... lacking?

    • Your welcome :)
      I use to do landscaping and work with bunch of guys
      who didn't want work while i busted my butt off so i know
      where your coming from i really hope you can get a better job
      i do believe God will see you through :) :D

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  • find a better job.

    • I did think about it... I actually spoke to one of my managers about leaving but he convinced me to stay. I'll probably do it.