Anyone here currently in the Air Force or has served in the Air Force?

I'd just like to know your opinion of the entire exeprience and whether or not you'd recommend it. I'm considering joining, it's been a dream of mine since middle school. I'm working right now, trying to make up my ind of what I want to do. I'm going to speak with a recruiter next week.

I'd just like some insight from anyone who is currently in or has experienced the Air Force.

Thanks in advance.


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  • I recommend it!


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  • I'm not in the USAF but it's, along with the Navy, the highest respected branch. They teach you good skills in and out. Plus, they're known to give you first option opportunities after you discharge on your DD-214. I'm in the USMC and I wish I had gone and enlisted in the USAF. The Air Force has a great pay grade, unlike the USMC. I would urge you to go through ROTC through college. You'll become an officer and have a much higher pay grade, plus the benefits of becoming an officer are high. Go through ROTC because you'll also have a degree in whatever major and you'll be able to have jobs most veterans cannot get.

    • Thanks for the insight, this makes me feel a little more confident in my choice.

    • You're welcome sir. I hope you enlist in the USAF. It's also very safe and highly educated. :-D

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  • My mother says it's very dangerous and in times of war - 90% of airforce people die before reaching their destination. If you are in airforce - you are on a suicide mission. Also did you know that 90% of people in the military are atheists? Is it God you are choosing to die for? Is that what He wants?


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