Any good tips for pre IB or 10th grade?

So, in about a week I'll be entering school as a 10th grade student, but the thing is that 10th grade is known to be the hardest year in our school. Therefore, If there's anyone out there who's gone through pre IB or 10th grade, could you please give me some tips on studying, organizing, etc. By the way, I'm the type that tends to procrastinate... A LOT, so if you have any tips on fixing that, I'll be very thankful ^^


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  • *heavy breathing*

    It changes you, man, ... you can never be prepared... nothing will save you... i still wake up in the middle of the night sometimes... just screaming.

    No! I can't, i won't, talk about it anymore... YOU DONT KNOW MAN...


    Just ask your parents how they studied for their college exams or look stuff up online. Remember to do the homework, 90% of school is just doing the paperwork.

    the other 10% tears...


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  • You're planning on taking the IB diploma when you reach grade 11?

    I'm very biased when I say don't do it because it's not worth allll the trouble but if you do, make sure to NOT leave assignments/projects to the last minute. If you must, break it down and work on it gradually everyday to combat that procrastination problem.

    • why is it not worth it? I have to do the IB cause our school is literally based on it, and I don't want to change schools now haha

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    • I'm not trying to scare you but my point is, I use to have that same mindset as you. "It won't be so bad", "I'm smart enough, I can do it"
      Along with your IB cooridnator and teachers trying to sell the program to you, it can be tough to say no, trust me a lot of people think they can handle it but 2 years can be a long time and they are both important years to do well in if you want to pursue your studies further in post-secondary. Nearing the end of 2nd year, many people dropped out or they were regretting it.
      I knew a girl who was getting low grades in IB (she took the whole diploma) and dropped out first year and by second year maintained a 97% average and got accepted into a prestigious university. Take some time to think about how the program will benefit you and if it will really be worth it. Sorry for my rambling.

    • Lol you're welcome

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  • start homework as soon as you get home or you'll just keep putting it off

    • I'll try... it's going to be really hard, as I usually do my homework at 5 am in the morning that it's due

    • like I said, as soon as you get home just start working on it. You have to get into the habit of doing it and the best part is, if you get it done right away you have the rest of the night to do fun stuff.

    • ok! fight on!!! thanks ^^

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