Why are East Asians so self hating and why do they want nothing more then to be pale skinned and look as close as they can to white people?

It's mainly East Asians (Korea and Japan) but some East Indians and Chinese too who are almost just as obsessed as the East Asians with bleaching their skin so they can be pale and pretend they are white people. Not to mention the double eye lid surgery that is seen as a status symbol for them and is what everyone sees as most beautiful there and strives get done. And you'll notice a vast majority of Asian girls will prefer a white man to their own men. Why are they so self hating about who they are as a race and as a people? Why don't they love how they look and why do they deem how they are naturally born as less compared to how white people look?



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  • Meh. I feel that this is a generalized stereotype


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  • I didn't know that hmmm


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  • East Asians don't hate their own race, but they just think that Westerners are more attractive, because Asians have smaller eyes and builds. Some Asian girls do feel beautiful, but a lot of people suffer from self-image issues and lack of confidence. Would you ask a fat person why won't they love how they look? Would you ask an ugly person why won't they love how they look? Even white and black girls can be self-hating, not just Asians.


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  • White people are master race. Duhh.