Advice/help for coping with fears while boyfriend is travelling?

my boyfriend just left for a 3 week trip with his school across seas, it will include a lot of flying in planes. Personally I have a bad fear of planes, and it might seem a bit dumb, but I'm terrified that his plane is going to crash or something and I'm very scared. I can't contact him while he is away because he can't bring his phone on the trip. I need advice for coping with this fear and maybe some helpful points :(


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  • Well, I'm not sure if there's anything I could possibly say to make you feel better because - as you already said - it's mostly an irrational fear. However I'm still gonna say this: please don't forget that flying on a plane is actually a very, very safe activity (statistically speaking). You could spend your whole life on a plane and the risk would still be quite small that you'd ever experience a crash. Driving a car is much, much more dangerous than flying. If your boyfriend dies during a plane crash, he could have died just as well for any other, very unlikely and stupid reason, such as slipping on a banana peel and falling on his head. And I don't mean this in a mean way but again, believe it or not, the most dangerous place is actually your own house. Statistically speaking, more fatal accidents happen in people's homes than anywhere else.

    But I also understand that emotionally, these points might not help so much. I have a girlfriend myself who is currently abroad and she had to fly 14 hours to get there and I didn't feel well about it either. I think it's not even so much the fear of a crash than the fear of not being together with her I think. If we both died in a plane crash, that would still be okay but the fear of losing her is sometimes unbearable. But then, in the situations where I do have this fear, I simply try to occupy myself with other things. Work, GaG, friends, playing guitar... anything that helps to get your thoughts off of it.

  • Wow you are probably overbearing as fuck. He should break up with you.

    • Actually he's the one who cried asshole.

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    • I'm a very terse fellow. You'll learn that if you stay on this site long enough. But anyway, if I may amend my answer, I would say don't worry too much. Statistically speaking, flying is by far the safest way to travel. And he's with his school. He should be perfectly safe.

    • Thank you, that actually helped. Haha I'll keep it in mind :)

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