WHAT TO DO? HE LIED AND BLEW ME OFF? I need honest pinions?

me and my ex have known each other for six months. We still kind of act like we're dating except we don't have the bf/gf title because he's going to be moving soon anyways. he'll be moving in less than a month and we still really want a future together so I was planning on moving in with him next year. we've been through a lot and I do know that he loves me. my family is on vacation and he's been promising me that he'd come and hangout w/ me but 2x he ended up canceling. We got into a fight about that because he knows how much I hate him canceling last minute and that I really wanted to hangout with him. then finally today he agrees to sleep over but last minute he says that he's not going to sleep over bc then he'd have to wake up early since I have to work tomorrow morning and it's his only day he has to sleep in but he'll still watch a movie/have dinner w/ me. Just before the movie starts he's on the phone & I hear him say "just call me later". A the very beginning of the movie he was on his phone a lot. For most of the movie we didn't have physical contact whatsoever. Then when the movie is more than halfway over he comes closer to me and we have sex but literally for 2min. Then he says "you know what, we always have sex, lets just watch the movie" when i know he only said that because he was embarrassed because he came SO fast. then right afterwards he goes back on his phone. about 2min after he gets off of it his friend calls and he puts in on speaker (which he never does) and his friend says something about meeting him somewhere. I'm not dumb, I know that he set it all up as an excuse to leave. At this point I'm just hurt & offended that he thought I'd fall for that. Should I text him now and let him know that I know or what should I do? (Even though it'll start a fight) I can't just let this slide.

Not to mention these are the last few times we'll see each other before he leaves and he sees his friends all the time.


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