What's one thing that if people found out about you they'd be shocked, repulsed, or enraged?

Please answer anonymously. Nobody needs or wants to know who you are. (Or at least I don't) and let it out. Tell the world!!! Anonymously


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  • I manipulate guys into liking me even if I don't like them because it somehow makes me feel accomplished when I trick a bunch of guys into falling for me.

    • I dated a girl like you. She was awesome lol. I've done that to a few girls myself. It also gave me a self esteem boost. So I totally understand you. But I'm not a big fan of doing that anymore. I just don't like the way it makes me feel afterwords plus I couldn't take the guilt. No judgement though.

    • Haha That's funny xD
      Sometimes I feel guilty, sometimes I don't. I don't think it's something I could stop doing even if I wanted to to be honest
      That's awesome you did though, #respect lol

    • You can do anything if you really want to. (Well almost anything). but hey do you and live your life the way you believe brings the most benefits

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  • Shit and piss play is very erotic to me.

    • No judgement. Not shocked. explored it myself way back when but it's not really my thing anymore. But cool to know I'm not the only curious one.

    • Can't do puke though, that's repulsive. It's strange.

    • Tried it I too didn't like it lol

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  • There is nothing like that about me

  • I read ddlg and tdgl books. and bsm... basically ANYTHING you can think of, even hentai. You name it I've read it. the shocking thing is... i'm only 15 (turned 15 1 week ago) and I've also alrwady watched nearly every type of porn... hehehe?

    • Lol I think I've got you beat from 11 to about 17 I was a pornstronaut. By 14 I literally had seen so much I was just looking from random crap just to see if it was different. There's a world of pornmd out there that you'll see one time and never care to see it again. By 17 I was a something like an art critic of porn and hentai both in manga and anime forms. I used to ignore porn that lacked good lighting or didn't focus enough on sensuality. These days I just take a quick look at whatever randomly. No judgement from me lol.

  • Pee fetish, that i watch lesbian porn, and fantazing about certain male teachers.

    • I've done all those things lol. Except with female teachers. No judgement. No shock. Thanks for sharing though.

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  • Me being bisexual will kill them

    • Well it's not killing me. I've explored. I liked guys for a while but to me it was more of a novelty thing than a real attraction. Good to know in not alone though. My parents would flip lol

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    • I promise I didn't report you.

    • It may have been the girl you commented on.

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