Tips for raising my self esteem?

I don't have very high confidence. I was bullied in primary school and now in my 5th year of secondary I only have a couple of friends and get completely ignored by girls. I suppose I'm somewhat of a shy geek who tries to keep the image up of a somewhat cool guy. Despite this, acting confident doesn't work for me. People see right through it. I try to act as a happy person, but deep down I feel like shit. I have trouble taking initiative so I rarely talk to other people unless they talk to me. Nobody knows how I feel because I don't like to talk about it. It's come to the point where I cry myself to sleep. I feel like I'm everything other people don't like. This is why I've never had a girlfriend and find it difficult to make new friends. Even if you're not going to answer I'd like to thank you for reading this.


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  • first of all lemme tell u, dat u r not as bad as u think... first of all u have a couple of friends as u say. some people have 0 friends. also being ignored by gals... again u r not alone... many guys get ignored since those gals might believe those guts r not interested and they don't make any effort to approach 'em.

    only thing u should correct's talk to other people and not only if they talk to u. do it wid people u feel more comfortable wid.

    u r just not a very social person which's not bad... many people r like u. but i'd not call u a total loner since u have a couple of friends.


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  • Dude. You're depressed. Which is a predicament that's really hard to get out of. But if you can find something that you like to do or that you like in general, and focus on that, you will eventually become a happier person. And it might take a while, but once you do that, people will sense your newfound passion and happiness, and they will want to be your friend. They will be more naturally drawn to you.