Confession time. Is there anything you would like to confess?

Something small, something big, something funny, something serious.

Since I made the question, I'll start out.

I was a total hellraiser when I was a kid. Some of my accomplishments include:

A - Setting fire to several economy sized trash cans at the park, the park ranger kicked us out and told my family to never come back.

B - When my mother bought her first salon shop, I stuck knives in all of the outlets and shorted them all out. I have no idea why I didn't get electrocuted come to think of it, I think the handles were covered in plastic.

C - Tying a pure metal Bocce ball to my leg and doing a front flip, which then proceeded to shatter my living room window, and flew straight past several people who were waiting for the bus outside the front of my house. That thing weighs like two pounds, and they would have most likely been killed had the ball flown a couple degrees to the left or right. My dad didn't talk to me for weeks afterwards.

D - For some reason, I had an incessant need to flying Dragon Kick everything, especially my kitchen door. One day I just took way too many steps back and ended up knocking the whole door down.


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  • omg you are gonna be apologizing to your parents till the end of time for all that stuff xD hahahhahaha
    i hope youve grown out of it lol

    mine... well its bad so brace yourselves lol
    ill just copy my answer from another question (its about all the women-hating men on here and them leaving a scar which might lead to making us hate men irl)
    "i cried more than once because of posts made here AND i or someone i know have been hurt by men some way or the other... its not as horrible as here of course but I don't know i feel like it's hard to accept there are good ones out there... its just becoming really hard to trust them you know.

    between the bad ones and the ones PRETENDING to be good, how am i supposed to let my guard down? you know...*sighs*
    and i try to convince myself its just the internet, but people are more free to say what they want here than in real life... so all the hate on here could very possible be what men REALLY see/think of women or"

    what i didn't add is that sometimes i just get this weird urge to write something that WILL hurt men... like when i answer a question or something... I don't know why i do it and i feel really bad about it afterwards and i know i wouldn't want to see something like that written about women... I don't know
    this is gonna sound ultra crazy but sometimes i fantasize about someone getting all depressed and cries so hard for me (because we broke up or he messed up or w/e reason it is) but one time i actually tried to imagine it actually happening and i realized it wouldve shattered my heart to pieces if it actually happened and i can't take it if someone cries and begs me...

    im not making any sense... sometimes i just feel so broken beyond repair
    but yea in short. my confession is that i like things that would hurt men on purpose and somewhere in my mind refuses the thought of good men out there and believes it's a myth

    another one is i was molested as a child and im 21 and kinda afraid of the dark lol there was a pt in my life where i didn't mind it at all and kinda liked it actually but I don't know what happened... ultimate fear is rape though lol

    also i feel soooooooooooooooooooo out of place and sooooooooooooooooooooo freaking distant like 90% of the time, i feel like my body is there but my mind isn't at all i feel like i belong to a different time and age like even my mind set is different from a lot of people my age, i have the mind of an old person or something lol like im kinda very traditional as well (not my clothes...

    • ... though) im afraid that i won't find the type of guy im looking for at this age
      another thing is sometimes i get these weird feelings like im out of myself or i just came back to my body... im starting to feel like it will consume me one day and i will lose touch with reality

      ok last one xD
      I've been really depressed lately because i feel so a lone and kinda scared for some reason, sometimes at night i pretend im cuddling with someone (/.\)

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    • Oh, and yeah, I plan on becoming rich someday and giving my parents a lot of money, so, I'll make that my apology :P

    • yea that's very true

      amen lol i really do hope so
      so far i only met one and i have to say, he did kinda "fix" me lol he is sadly not in my life anymore (we are still on good terms lol) hope he is happy wherever he is

      hahah good plan (y) good luck with it

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  • Dude I was a hellraiser too.. Some of the stuff I did as a kid I'm STILL ashamed of.
    I've vandalized a couple houses, beat up other kids for looking at me funny (both boys and girls. For some reason I saw everything as a challenging me), I rammed my sisters door down when she kept calling me a "waste of life", I threatened my mom when I was a kid and my dad whooped my ass for that one. I was just one of those kids who didn't back down to anyone.. I didn't care if it got my ass kicked or whatever. I would like crazily smile while I'd get punished almost as a challenge. I was constantly suspended from school and I was almost expelled once.

    All that stuff is so like antithetical to who I am as a person today it's crazy. I'm so anti conflict to the point of being afraid of any engagement that may lead to conflict. I just don't want to look in the mirror and see that kid staring back at me with his cocky I-don't-give-a-shit grin.

    • Wow, I didn't expect childhood behavior like that from you @RedThread
      What do you think sparked the change.
      Also, haha, creepy imagery "I would like crazily smile while I'd get punished"

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    • Haha, damn Red, never woulda known. I was a hellraiser mostly out of curiosity ("Hm... will I ACTUALLY get electrocuted like in the movies if I stick this knife into this power socket?")

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  • I'm terrified of lizards, I'd scream whenever I see one. If it jumps onto me, I'd cry.

    I lie about having siblings, there's a reason behind it tho.

    I made my teacher's car tyre flat, she couldn't go home.

    I'm afraid of the dark when I'm alone in a big area. If I'm sleeping then I don't mind the total darkness.

    I broke three window panels of my classroom. Was too afraid to admit it, no one managed to figure it out it was me.

    I strive for perfection in everything I do, sometimes I could get mad at myself for being such a perfectionist.

    I played a prank on one of my friends by putting glue on his chair. Thankfully the glue was that sticky tho, he managed to free himself.

    I almost set fire to my school's scout room because I was busy and forgotten that I built a fire.

    I almost flood the same room mentioned above as well because it was raining heavily and I forgot to close the rooftops.

    I got the entire school into a panicked state because I accidentally rang the fire alarm and everyone thought there was really a fire.

    • Woah what? O. O

    • @Michael_Rc46 I'm not really a good student back in my old school lol so not really surprising I could do these.

  • I use to eat my older sisters favourite cookies and chocolates and blame it on my second oldest brother. 😳
    I was a little kid, lol

    I accidentally broke one of my brothers favourite watch. But, I was too embarrassed to confess it.

    I'm 23 but I can't sleep in total darkness.

    I cry like a little girl if I see a lizard...

    I lie about being engaged.

  • I took my friend's money when I was first grade. I did not have any money and I wanted that chocolate so badly. O. o (nope she did not notice )

  • When I go to my parents' house I sometimes leave the toilet seat up so my thinks it's my brother aahaha

  • I'm starting to have like my first crush.. o_o

    • Aw. That's nice. Fellow student? Friend?

    • Nah he's not in my school I go to an all girls school, I just know him from around and he is very nice. It is very recent tho so I'm just going to take things slow and not rush anything.

  • i totalled my car 4 days after purchasing it

  • I don't know lol I lied about my boobs size on
    Here, I really only a 34 b
    The horror 😢

  • I've been struggling with an eating disorder for 3.5 years and no one knows.

  • i was the one that snuck to eat the cookies in the middle of the night.


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  • Pretty much don't have any friends.

  • Okay. I'll confess. It was ME!! It WAS ME!!

  • For years, whenever I would go to a house where a really attractive female lives, I would find my way to her hamper, get a pair of used panties... and use said panties as my own cum dumpster. Usually, I would put them back. If she is REALLY HOT, then I would just pocket them for further use.