What someone should do in order to release a classic album?

I don’t mean some album dat will go to #1 and have 2-3 #1 singles as well dat they’ll be forgotten after some time…but an album dat will remain classic and still a fav among many people decades later


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  • One has to look at what children are interested and generally sing about that with music that won't go out of date.

    That generation will then bi listening to said album as they grow up and will then introduce it to their children when those grow up. So your classical album may live for about 2 generations until the grandkids get tired of their annoying grandpa and dad who listen to the same 'old stuff' all of the time.

    • good point... but those synth-pop albums from 80s i listen to r "dead" even if synth-pop was really big in Europe as a genre during 80s

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  • I think it is pure luck - If you are a popular at the time and make a top notch album - It is picked up for a soundtrack or something - Some modern act covers a song -What classifies it as a classic album is that you get the seal of approval from the musos - It is very hard to tell even at the time I remember when U2 released "The Joshua Tree" everybody raved about it being the perfect album but over the years it has faded into their back catalogue.

    • really? still Joshua Tree's very popular... especially "With Or Without You" is an all-time classic song still being around. i'd consider Joshua Tree a "classic"... even though i liked their early-albums (Boy, October, War) more

  • Depends on the genre, the times, the concept, etc. Each artist has to answer that for themselves. What works for one artist isn't going to work for others.