What brand of Tablet should I get?

If other, please explain.

  • Samsung
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  • Sony
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  • Blackberry
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  • HP
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  • If I'm honest, the best tablets on the market by far are still Apple iPads.
    I have tested and tried a lot of tablets, and even though these companies like Samsung and Sony have been able to match and in some cases do better than Apple's iPhone, they are still nowhere near as good as the iPad at the moment in terms of tablets.

    Other than being better physically, and better software, the ios and operating system is a lot better, simpler and smoother on the iPads than any other tablet.

    Apple still have the best tablet for the moment, it might change in the future but Apple still has the best iPad right now.


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  • How much do you want to spend? What will you use it for?

    • Up to $300. I want to use it for typing and gaming on the go, checking emails, checking fb, browsing internet. I don't really want one under 7", because I could just as well use my phone then.

    • I'd go for the Samsung. Apple may be better but it's rather expensive.

  • i have apple :P... but samsung phone xD

  • Samsung (filler)


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