I got a call about a job and I think I really screwed up? Help! Am I just overthinking?

I've been searching for a salon job for months after i had to quit my previous one. And i haven't had any luck. Well randomly just now i got a call from a salon near me asking if i was still interested in them from dropping my resume months ago. She asked me about the days i could work and the hours but kept kind of talking after her question. So not wanting to really say i wanted 40 full-time because it might hinder my chances, i said 30 or at least 20 hours a week. (20 is the requirement for my apprenticeship). And then she asked what days and i was about to say any day and then she asked if i could work fridays and saturdays and i said yeah i can do that. And then she said she would look at my resume again and call me back. But she didn't ask me to come for an nterview.

I feel like since i wasn't prepared and the call was out of the blue i sounded really awkward and unsure of myself and i screwed up my chances :(


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  • basically u should go there (is it nearby from where u live?)... and xplain to 'em u were unsure about wot u said since it was unexpected. guess they'll understand. and if they say "ok" talk there about wot u r lookin for

  • Well you did sound unsure of yourself.
    But anyways, if she does not call in like 2 days, then you call and see whats up.


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