HELP... Im TERRIBLE at saying Hey/ Hello/ Hi when I meet someone new- I think I appear timid because Im expressionless and unenthusiastic?

I can't say Hi/ Hello properly to people. I know your thinking im crazy but when I do even out of my own way to talk to someone my Hi and Hellos sound pathetic. Like there's no enthusiasm or genuine happiness when I say it and I feel even worse because when I say it it sounds quiet (Dont know if it is) so I get worried I've made a weak impression already making the convo nervous for me-

On top of this I feel like because nearly all girls have the ability sound confident and excited when they greet someone it makes me feel even worse. I know it's a pathetic issue I have but generally after the first few questions I ask I then flow into my rhythm. But the problem is firstly I can't fake enthusiasm when I meet someone and im soo self conscious about it because there must be a problem with me if it's not a common issue :-(.

When I say a greeting my face looks extremely awkward and I can sense that im faking confidence and it's failing- my face doesn't give off the vibe im confident.

PEOPLE I NEED SOME ADVICE AND TECHNIQUES I KNOW I SOUND PATHETIC but I prefer to admit my problem and potentially solve it then deal with it forever.


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  • I don't know if this'l sound weird or not but you might just try talking to a mirror/ to yourself. For some reason having an imaginary conversation with myself has helped me before.

  • YOU are your OWN harshest critic.

    That said, you don't need any technique or advice beyond, not overthinking this kinda stuff. And knowing it's OK to be a little shy.
    People are NOT judging you as much as you might think!! :P



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