Do you think in this day of age that I should have a child?

Just wondering if its a good idea to have a child in today day and age thoughts?


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  • Actually, I think the people who are smart enough to ask this question should have ALL the kids. I mean, the people in poverty line typically are in poverty line because they don't think ahead, and have so many kids that they can't finance them, as they can barely finance themselves.

    • You took the words out of my mouth.

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    • Glad you found that helpful!

    • Its better then the other answers :).

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  • I don't understand why you wouldn't in this day and age. What is different is the financial situation, people cannot afford to have a child at most, but if you are capable financially to feed, provide, educate properly as well as mature enough mentally to teach and couch morals, life lessons, ... then ofcourse you should. Having a child is the most wonderful thing, but if you are having a child to be raised by kinder-garden teachers/maids/grandparents/neighbors.. then spare that child the misery.

  • Of course. Why would people stop having kids?