Is staying at a friend's house for four or five days too long a period?

I am flying to another country for vacation and I am planning to see a friend whom I haven't seen for years. My friend said I don't need to book a hotel and I can stay in her house. I was thinking a lot about this because I don't like to intrude into someone's space or life- but it would be impolite if I don't accept her offer.. So I am shortening my visit. Would a few days be too much?


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  • Too long man. Too long


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  • Well you're going on vacation in ANOTHER country, it's very nice of them to let you stay there. Nope I don't think 4-5 days is a long period, I'm sure they would love to have you. Don't shorten it because you think you're intruding, trust me its so nice of you to see them any who. I once had a friend stay with me for 12 days, It was lovely x

    • Thanks for your answer :)

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  • if they insist you stay with them , then I don't think it's too long. I would probably ask if they wanted me to chip in on some groceries or something like that.


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