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My sister's boyfriend is writing a book and wants help from people so we havee 2 questions:

1. How would you feel if you found out your enemy was actually you. Say your enemy is you from the future or something. I won't go into details. At first you didn't know it was you. How would you feel if you found out? they're evil.

2. Can you think of something comepletely useless on its own that looks pretty or smell good or something? (We're really struggling with this one. I said glitter but he wants more ideas because that's not as useless)

I forgot to say: he wants man-made objects for #2. Things you can't find in nature.
Anyone else?


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  • 1. I would react by figuring out what made me become evil in the first place. Though more examples of stuff kind of like that is like in the movie Fight club and in this game "The legend of zelda ocarina of time." In the water temple on part u have to fight a dark shadow of your self.

    2. Anything made with ferrofluids.

    • Wow that's cool... and beautiful

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    • I'll show him what you said :) thanks!

    • yay thank you for MHG ^^

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  • 2 flowers may be. not much use of it

    • Damn actually I forgot to say, he wants something man made

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    • I would be shocked and try to change the past/future

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