Was this really rude?

I asked a question in class today and I think the prof thought I was challenging him.

So he actually said, "I already answered it," and then I said something else, it was clear he didn' t know the answer. I didn't want to make him feel bad. I was just genuinely curious.

Later on, he asked again if I had any questions and I said no it's okay, I think everyone realized I was obviously hurt.

He went on to become moody in front of the class, snapping at people who asked him questions, even remarking, "This is easy to do, but easy to make a mistake," etc.

When he came around to giving out sheets, I had my hand up, I clearly needed a sheet, and he just flat out ignored me. I'm not even kidding. He actually didn't give me a sheet I was like... um. Okay.

My friend saw and gave me a small smile. Later on he continued snapping at people and saying stuff like, "Well you asked me this question, so why not you answer mine?"


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  • That mean and nasty teacher, someone should smash his kneecaps!

    • Do you think others were looking down at me or laughing at his behaviour? I heard some laughing while my face was getting hot.

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    • Was it because of me that he got so annoyed? I don't know whether to be flattered that I can have an impact like that on a full-grown adult just because I asked a question.

    • Something else was probably pissing him off, maybe he found out his wife was banging the dean.

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