Im 19 and I haven't really experienced anything what can I do I think ill just rn away?

my whole life has been lived through others. I haven't really done or experienced anything Because I've been so protected. I just want to run away from everything college home whatever. Im not really a bad kid but I feel like im wasting my youth I want to do something crazy. I've never been close to anyone outside of my family. I think I want a girl but my family says I need to work on myself and I agree but I feel something's missing I've never had sex or been close to a girl I want to wait till marriage but I feel like im able to hold mY own alone but I don't have anyone to talk to or hangout with any have some sexual tension with I've always been all alone. I've had alcohol what most people like but none of that stuff is fun to me like everyone else. I wish I had a car because I feel trapped. My brothers been all over the world and I haven't left my backyard I just think ill run away I don't know what ill do I have no money but I hate this. Really life is good in the s since im very blessed but im not fulfilled for some reason and always feel lonely lately I never have anyone to talk to and I see others living my life and I can't because im trapped by everything. Im not some adranaline junking but I can't handle this anymore I will just run and see where it gets me?


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  • You're only 19. You still have time and running away won't fix anything.

    • I can't keep doing this at least I can change from what I've been doing my brother said he would take me any where but I think he's lying I just want to leave

    • If he said he would take you somewhere, then take him up on it, don't let it become the lie it may or may not be. Plan a day trip or something with him.

      If you need to work on yourself, then work on yourself. Help out at a soup kitchen. Volunteer at an inner city elementary school.

    • I will help people more and volunteer im really passionate about that. I think my big bro is just lying because he's been saying it for years and it never happened no body will help me do anything I got to do it myself I know its sounds stupid but I just want to leave I won't say anything when I do

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  • Honestly, life is about taking risks. If you see a group of guya talking about aomething you know about, step up and talk with them. Boom now you can start chatting with them more untill you become friends. See a girl who is cute, just go up to her and start a little conversation then get her digits. Maybe the girl likes you, maybe ahe doesn't who knows. But just do it, you will feel a lot better. I read so, ewhere that ita the things we dont dothat we regret and not so much what we did do. Maybe you look like an idiot talking to a girl way out of your leaguebut who cares, maybe she's says yes. You want to be the lead actor in your own life, not a supporting actor. So yes, you will be seen as bad or stupid for what you did but honestly, everyone will forget about it after one minute.

    • yeah your right I really don't have the best social skills and im a little weary of people I don't know we'll I think a lot of it was being sheltered. I just feel im wasting my life I want to risk more and do what I want so I think just leaving with no plan could work I would still be lonely but at least free I dont know why im like this I think my family loves me but I just need to do. More in my life

    • Remember, there is a difference between taking risks and making dumbass choices. If you have a scholarship to go to college, go to college. Dont screw up your future. But after college you can go travel and do things you want to do. But i would suggest going to college. Duing breaks you can go and do fun and stupid shit lol, but dont ruin you future okay.

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  • I didn't have my first kiss or boyfriend until after I turned 19. You're still young. You aren't wasting your youth.

    • I would like that but that's not all I've not taken any risk or done anything worth while except getting a scholarship but that's only because I was working instead of going my own way

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