Help for my first electric guitar? Plz?

I've been playing acoustic for more than a year and i'm pretty good at it now
So I've looking forward to buy an electric
I've never been to any classes etc so no guide
Can anyone please help me?


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  • It depends on what your intentions are. If you just want to try it out and don't know yet if you're going to like it, get a starter kit. They include a cheap guitar and a small amp for like 200 euros total. Fender or Ibanez would be my brands of choice.

    If you're beyond the beginner level you should go for something at the 600 euros mark. You can get really decent guitars for that price. For your first guitar, I would advise that you look for one with a fixed bridge (as opposed to floyd rose floating - they are great to play but it's a giant chore to tune/restring if you are new).

    As for lessons and songs, look for "justinguitar" and "marty schwartz" on youtube, they are fantastic.

    • I love electric :D
      Alright then ibanez or fender and fixed bridge
      Thank you sir