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My dad died 6 months ago and I still cry over it every day thinking about him and where is he right now, I always believed there is heaven because if there isn't. I'd hate god forever and do all sins from his book. I don't think I can cope with this for all my life because everyday I only think about that it's one day less to go at same place and meet my dad back finally. I don't care about any other thing at all, He was my best guy ever and I can't live without him. I am 20 and all I can think about is skipping to 80 and get this life over so I can finally meet my dad again, I think about getting run over by truck, Get drunk and suicide but then I think about my mom. My mom is in more pain than me, She don't show it but I know it. Do you really believe there is place called heaven? Have you lost a parent? How much you miss them and how you deal with it


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  • I'm really sorry you have to go through this, I've lost relatives i was really close to and cried but i not my parents which would probably feel even worse but but the fact that they're dead and i'm alive means that i have to live for them and you need to do that for your father too. Do you think your father wold be happy to see his family in tears, to know that he hurt you by dying. What you need to do is try to recover as soon as possible and comfort your mother like your father would want you to. You can have your father feeling guilty that me scarred you mentally so live a life that will make him proud as possible, so try not to make to many mistakes in life, have a happy family, give him grandchildren and great-grandchildren he can be proud of so that when your inevitable end come and you meet him again in heaven you can go to him with your shoulders held high and tell him about your life even though he knows everything that happened already, tell him again because, just because.

    • This is awesome opinion. 🏆

    • Thank you. After this, I would and live a very strong big life and then tell himm all about it when I meet him up and I really really wish to god he is seeing me right now

    • No problem, I know it can be difficult to lose someone but you just have to do your best.

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  • He's watching over you

    • I am really hoping he is, watching me while resting in heaven

    • Close ones often act as angels for them and you while alive. Well according to Brian Weiss anyway.

    • Yep they do, There is god and I love him too

  • Im so sorry you have to go through this. I understand your parent being your best friend, my mom is my best friend and i dont want to ever think about losing her. Try to grieve alongside your mother instead of being alone because she knows exactly what you're going through or even try going to therapy. I am christian and this may seem sacralegious but i think that there is either a heaven, multiple lives we live, or spirits (like existing in a different dimesion). But in my beliefs, if two souls are that tightly bonded, they will find each other again i promise with all my heart. Just remember he loves you, and will always be your own guardian in this life, try to stay strong and realize you are loved.

    • I am tightly bonded with him, I wish he's still there around me watching everything I do.

    • Just because you can't see him doesn't mean he's not there, love never dies and neither does the soul

    • My love for him never would, Now only I understand he protected me from so many things. I love him

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  • I would be terrified if i lost a parent. I don't understand what you are feeling and I don't want to feel like that. But being an empathetic person, I can suggest you to move on, as cliche' it might sound, it's all you can do.
    You will be in pain for months, and it will be the first thing you think about in the morning.. but soon, a day will come when it will be the second thing. In that hope, just go on with your life.

  • Your Dad has already had his journey in this form of life, now you must do the same. There is so much to do here with your time here, don't waste it.