How is this most bullshittest site ever?

Deleted my questions about something to do with my dad's death and I don't get answers too often on real questions neither. I just see desperate sad sad guys and dumb girls around trying to get attention. No real question or answers, I am done with this shit.


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  • I saw your question. I had actually typed a reply to it, and then I couldn't submit because the question was gone.

    You mentioned suicidal tendencies. This site's moderators make quick work of those sort of questions. For good reasons too (you will get the wrong type of advice on this site, plus the site owners obviously don't want any responsibility when it comes to someone killing themselves).

    I don't remember exactly what I was writing in response to your question, it was quite long. Bottom line was though that your dad spent 20 years preparing you for the life you have yet to live, and that you shouldn't put that to waste.

    • It's not just the admin's don't want responsibility which is understandable but aslo moderators like myself and miss nowhere are trying to ensure gag remains safe for everyone.

    • He did and I won't put it on waste

    • @RajeshTheJeshter Yup and they sure didn't hide this question. This is most BS site ever

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  • No one's forcing you to be here.

    • Lol do you live your life here? Cos it seems like you do.

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    • I am just saying if you spend this much time on here, its just sad.

  • ✌🏿️ bye felisha


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  • Yeah the mods aren't the best here.

    • I can see that, filled with attention hoes and desperate ass guys. They aren't deleting them

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