How is all this possible?

So my sister has been having epileptic seizures since December and once again had one not so long ago she finally got diagnosed with epilespy, they said a lot of premature babys get it. Her twin sister passed a week after birth due to another condition. But here's the confusing part. After my sister has been in the hospital my mom has gotten 2 partial seizures so far. Which scares me and its a coincidence that they both got seizures. But my mom has been taking lacmital that help for her bipolar disorder. That probably has nothing to do with it? Because she always took it with no problem, i need answers please help me? My mom has a disorder where she trys to diagnose herself with everything. Help!!!


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  • Lamictal is an anit-seizure pill and often times people need more than one. I use Lamictal and Keppra.

    Usually it takes a few different medications and dosages to get the right levels. Additionally your body eventually becomes so used to one medication it doesn't work anymore as i had that happen with Dilantin.

    Best of luck to both of them as it is going to be a long and hard road. I've been down it before and it sucks.


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  • You should refer to a medical doctor and not strangers on the internet.

    • Well i just want to know why they both had seizures, i was just at a doctor, i dont want to go again.

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    • Exactly, I'm ten years older. The average person doesn't know these things. Call the doctor and ask. They'll speak to you.

    • Okay

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