Would it be weird to message a guy I haven't talked to for 3 weeks?

So I was considering messaging this guy I went on 2 dates with, but im unsure if it would be weird or not.

We met 2 months ago and we went on a date the same Day. I found him very cute and interessting and I kissed him at the end of the date.

It took 3 weeks before me met again because he went on holiday and when he came back I went on holiday for 10 Days. But we had talked 1-3 times a week inbetween.

On date nr. 2 he picked me up and we went to buy pizza and watch a film at his place. But when I saw him again he wasn't as good looking as I remembered and we didn't really have anything to talk about, so many awkward pauses. While we were watching a film he Would look at me and smile several times, and when he tried to kiss me I told him "not now". He was not as touchy after that. He drove me home and we actually had plans to meet that weekend, but neither of us messaged eachother. This was three weeks ago.

A part of me feels like I foucused way to much on the things we didn't have in common insted of focusing on what a great guy he was. Would it be weird of me to message him to say hi?


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  • It depends on the type of person he is in terms of how he takes being rejected.
    ♠Some people will feel like it's too early to give up already an think (maybe she's just in a bad mood)
    ♠Some people will see that progress in the relationship has taken steps back (all the way to the start actually, considering the date was an awkward complete failure)
    ♠Some might see your change in behavior as you being interested in another guy an give up there, which in turn means effort used with you will cease to exist.


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  • No, of course it won't be weird.


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  • I think it would be best to message him. He seems like a good guy. And honestly when a girl texts a guy, it's not like we think "oh that's weird it's been 3 weeks!" It's more like "oh a pretty girl texted me, cool!" Well at least most of the time lol

  • I would love if a girl would text me out of the blue. 3-weeks, 10-years, doesn't matter.

    • even if she had "rejcted" you by not kissing you?

    • Yup. It would give me the notion that there is still a chance.

    • interesting... well im actually leaving in a week, so i dont think im going to message him.. i dont want to play with his feelings (if there is any)

  • 3 weeks is the blink of an eye.

    • Que?

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    • Yeah.. maybe..

    • If it was me and I got rejected, then she got in touch- I'd probably think she was just bored and had nothing to do, she knows I'm into her so she thinks I'll hang with her to kill free time.

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