How can I bargain?

Ok so mum got presentation for some cleaners and she was really interested in getting that cleaner. The only problem was it costs too much like 2500€.

She said call her and say you give 1500€ and you would buy two for 1500€ so it's win win for both.

Is it even possible to do that, I will try that out, any tips and tricks would be helpful.


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  • What? Like a maid service?

    • they are selling some cleaners... to clean house

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    • Are you from a culture where women don't handle money? Like why is the child handling the negotiations?

    • I'm 18 wtf

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  • 2 for 1.5k euros? and 1 costs 2.5k?

    i'm afraid those 2 might be crap...

    • what?
      I need to Negotiate from 2500€ to 1500€ / one cleaner
      so if the seller is willing to sell for 1500€ (one) and we order two cleaners that means each is 1500€ + 1500€ = 3000€
      Do you understand?

    • yeah sorry... i got it now. but droppin it from 2.5k to 1.5k would be ultra-hard... it's a huge difference... maybe 2k at most

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