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I have learned the meaning of a love song
I have grown a bit
i think I couldnt sleep for the whole night
I just couldnt eat
The day i lost all my hopes
The day i lost my everything
Now all i can do is daydream
But all the dreams soon dissapear

How would it be if i hadn't screwed up
I won't run away now
I won't hide myself in the dark
Ill head my problems right on
Cuz losing u has made me realize I didn't even deserve u
I was the one that made it fall
I never was right for u
So im putting down this love

Tell me did it hurt u like it hurts me now
Tell me did u ever cry
Cuz i as a fool i couldnt notice your tears
I only saw ur smile
If i could change it i would go back
But past is the past
The love is over now

Ur heart meet a new turn
The heart that never will be miNe
I just have to hurt a bit
I just have to hang on

Ill get over i promise it won't take long
Pls it was my first time
They say that first lOve always end sad
I guess they were right
I guess now i became an adult
Suddenly i just understand
Im sry and ty for all of your time
For all of the memories we shared
Goodbye my love

//Ok so this isn't polished its really messy as you can see, but is it any good? Could i make a song out of it?


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  • That's great
    It have emotions
    Good lyrics 😊
    I just found a tune for it


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What Guys Said 3

  • if you said poem, alright, fair, art is free etc etc, but since you said lyrics, i feel inclined to point out that nothing in here actually rhymes.

  • Just looks like a load of emotions written down tbh.

  • If pure going for sappy, this'll get the Grammy. Don't let Talor Swift see this.


What Girls Said 2

  • It doesn't seem like there's the parts that should sound the same like rhyming with a certain rythm to those parts if that's how you say it, but I think good lyrics that expresses your emotions

  • Not the best

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