Going on social media during work?

I'm so surprised how all my friends are online when they are work lol. Especially facebook, having like 1 hour chats with me. I work from home so I can do whatever. Just curious how you guys are !

  • I go on anytime the boss is not looking
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  • I go on sometimes when work is too stressfull
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  • I never go on, work hard, play later
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  • I have to do work at work. What?
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  • I am always shocked by this as well. and then people get upset when they monitor what you do at work and cut of wifi and such to peoples phone, well you were misusing the time you get paid for!


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  • Check a couple of networks for like 10 minutes tops during lunch. That's all.

  • lol we all do that fam, you get me fam?

  • I'm too busy and I don't use fb anyway. lol

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