Do you know any chats to help people?

I mean like one of those hotlines but that you chat on instead of calling?
I hate asking this but it's gotten to a point where I'm kind of desperate and I really need to talk to someone. I can't afford a psych right now and there aren't any hotlines where I live.
I can't talk to my family because they have their own issues and I don't wanna bother them anymore. I tried telling my sister I felt like shit some days ago and she was like "I don't know what to do with you anymore" which really hurt me but she's right...


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    I really like the above community.
    Depending on what you are going through they have a numerous amount of different support groups you can join.
    You can meet others that are very similar to you.

    I hope you get through your rough patch and find
    someone that can relate with you.
    Best wishes!

    • Do you know if I HAVE to be in one of the groups? is it possible to just talk about stuff in a general group or something? or select multiple groups? because I need to talk about several things

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    • Ohh ok got it. Thanks!

    • No problem

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  • Omegle. com

    • I doubt there people willing to help there lol

    • Help? Help u with what? U said that u only want to talk , right? There is a lot of horny people there but still , there r some people who just wanna talk !

    • Help with my issues. Read the description lol

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  • 7Cups of Tea. Check it out, It's great. there are listeners who are dedicated to chatting to you, just listening and helping you through things. there are also group support rooms.

    • Is it free?

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    • There's an online course that the listeners have to complete. Some are quite young but they usually only cater to people their own age because they relate better to their problems. Look for a listener with lots of experience and recommendations. Preferable someone a bit older than you because they can shed perspective. I hope I helped.

    • Thank you so much! you did

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