Should I message him happy birthday?

he's a really old friend, used to hang out loads (in sep. last year) then just stopped talking. Have spoken a bit but not really... his birthday is today and I was wondering if I should message him happy birthday? or would it be weird?


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  • That would be nice to message him "Happy Birthday" least your thinking of him that is sweet of you ,

    • Really? he wouldn't think it was weird since we haven't spoken much?

    • No, if someone wished me a Happy Birthday out of clear blue sky, i would be more than happy to know someone is thinking of me.. I had some girl give me a birthday card but she was way younger than she's like 29 but we lost contact but i was flattered than my cousin started teasing about her having a crush on me omg she was too young.. hahaha

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  • Yeah! Let him know you're thinking about him on his day


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