80s music poll: Favorite album by Rainbow/Russ Ballard?

Rainbow released some pretty good songs during da 80s following a more pop-rockish direction…my fav album from here would be "Bent Out Of Shape”…it had some really good songs here and synths were present more often than their previous efforts.

Russ Ballard’s mostly known as a songwriter, writin songs for other artists, and not as a singer…but his 2 mid-80s albums were really gr8 and many of his songs were featured in da popular TV series “Miami Vice”…his song “Voices” was a minor-hit actually.

  • Difficult To Cure (Rainbow)
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  • Straight Between The Eyes (Rainbow)
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  • Bent Out Of Shape (Rainbow)
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  • Barnet Dogs (Russ Ballard)
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  • Into The Fire (Russ Ballard)
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  • Russ Ballard (Russ Ballard)
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  • Into The Fire (Russ Ballard)
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  • I have noticed your answers to the 80s music questions have dropped way off.


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  • I knew Rainbow wasn't far away after Deep Purple the other day - Must admit never heard of Russ Ballard ( I had a listen on youtube don't think it would be my thing ) and my main affection for Rainbow would be pre AOR turn so I will pick Rainbow on basis they were still quite heavy up to around 1981.

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